Injury question

I’ve recently gotten an MRI on my throwing shoulder and learned that I have internal impingement or “throwers shoulder”, my doctor said I will need 4 to 6 weeks of rehabilitation and no throwing during that time period.

I was just curious if you knew of any people who have had this injury, and did they come back to top form. Right now my shoulder is very weak and it gets tired almost instantly. In my games before I got the MRI i was just playing 2nd and I felt my arm tire during warmups…that’s when i finally decided to get the MRI done.

I’m no expert (…and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn last night either :lol: ) but I did suffer an impingement injury about 15 years ago. In my case, it was explained by a sports orthopedic doctor that I had “stretched” the ligaments holding my shoulder’s ball securely in the joint. So the shoulder joint did not move smoothly when I used my arm…and it hurt like hell. The only way I could raise my arm over my head was if I slowly lifted my arm directly out in front of my body. If I moved it any other way, I literally did not have the strength to move it.

Now, I did not see a doctor right away. In fact for several years! In the mean time, it took me over 6 months before I could lift my arm over my head and even then it was weak and hurt. It never did heal right on it’s own and I continued having difficulty moving it around, so I finally went to the doctor who gave me the diagnosis.

The good new: All I had to do was shoulder exercises using therabands. It was painful, to be sure, but after a few weeks I had no more pain and my arm felt great!! Apparently, the exercises strengthened the ligament, tendon, muscle holding my shoulder joint together.

The moral of the story: Listen to the doctor, do your rehab, and your arm should be fine.

well i am going to do the rehab, i was just wondering if the injury sticks around with you…yours sounds ALOT worse them mine

my shoulder never hurts, it can have some slight pain occasionally but i’d call it uncomfortable before i’d call it anything else…my right shoulder also kinda pops, i pop it to loosen it up, my left one doesn’t do that

but it’s even irritating just sitting down somewhere, its not just when i play baseball so i’m hoping the rehab fixes it

Don’t worry Taylor, Bandit (and me!) are a lot older and tend to get injured easier and more often. The same thing happened to me and just like Bandit said, do the exercises and don’t stress it during rehab. It’ll be fine. Its dealing with getting old that hurts!

Hey, I resemble that remark!! :lol:

i’m only 20…i actually went to a white sox tryout right before i decided to get the mri done

i was playing in a 4th of july wood bat tournament in NC and we ended up playing 6 games in 3 days and i did a ton of throwing, by that 3rd day i just felt like i could barely lift my arm…I ended up playing 1st base in our last game

hopefully my arm will get back to normal sooner then later and i can go back to trying out up and down the east coast :smiley:

Hey man good luck with your tryouts, try getting on a JOBES shoulder program when your shoulder is healed. It will definitly strengthen those small muscles that are vital


i’ve got a great physical therapist, and she’s giving me a ton of exercises for my shoulder/rotator cuff

she’s gorgeous too, makes it alot easier to suffer thru the pain :smiley:

You can find the JOBES shoulder program at the link below, it is a great program for getting your rotator cuff in shape.

after going to therapy for the past month or so i think i have enough rotator cuff exercises to write a book!!!

they’ve had me doing all the common band exercises like external/internal rotation, adduction, abduction

a stretch that has really helped my injury is as i lie on my side i place my injured arm out at a 90degree angle and then push my wrist down to the ground, it hits that back side of my shoulder where the injury is right on point…for a while it was painful but now its become almost soothing like when you wake up from a deep sleep and stretch your back, it has a feeling like that now

they’ve had me walking on a treadmill with my hands
using a stair climber machine with my hands

a real tough one is where i’m facing a wall and i will hold a 6lb medicine ball and i will throw the ball to the wall (barely, i’m almost standing right up against the wall so your just tossing it like 2 inches into the wall)…I will start with the ball directly out to my side and tap the wall about 6 times working to above my head keeping my arm fully extended the entire time…I do that 30 times, with the 6lbs i’ve been doing 2x15 when i was using 4lbs i could do all 30, it about killed me but i could do it
(im not the best with explanations so hopefully you followed that, lol)

another one, using a the big exercise ball…i’ll have my feet on the ground and my hands on the ball like in a pushup type position…i’ll kinda pull my shoulders back and my therapist will try to move the ball, pushing it forward/back/left/right and i’ve gotta keep it balanced

it also helps that my therapist is one of the most attractive females i’ve seen in a while :smiley: , makes it alot easier to go through a painful therapy session