Injury or more likely soreness?

hey im a senior pitcher and i pitched the opener for my season yesterday. but the problem was i was kept in all 7 and ended up throwing 111 pitches which was 40 more than the last scrimmage i pitched. my arm felt great goin into the last inning i was still pumpin high 80’s but shortly after the game my shoulder (possibly rotator cuff) was startin to hurt but it wasnt too bad and i could push through it a little. but when i woke up today my arm was hanging and it hurts when i lift my arm up. really dont wanna confront my parents about it cuz doctors may equal no play for a while. so i was wondering if this is most likely sorness from throwing so many pitches or should i really consider getting checked out

I certainly can’t say for sure, but my guess would be that you are just sore. Is there a sharp pain anywhere in particular? 111 pitches is getting up there. You should ice your arm and go for a run today. Take today off from throwing and do some light throwing tomorrow. It should start to work itself out. The day after that, you should be able to throw more and do a more extensive throwing session. If after 3 or 4 days, it still hurts or is not improving, think about seeing someone.

yeah its a little sharp when i lift my arm up a certain way. but my coach plans on DH me today and idk if swinging a bat will effect it negatively. maybe ill have to consider sitting today

Still could just be soreness. Like I said, ice it today, do some running, maybe some band work to get the blood flowing and working through it. Throw again tomorrow, just easy to work out some of the stiffness. Hopefully it will work itself out.

My son will get sore when he throws a lot of pitches. He follows the routine above and after a few days it will work itself out. You want to see someone if it continues for too long and doesn’t get any better.

I don’t think hitting should aggrevate it. You should be safe there. Just rest it from throwing today.

Ok will do thanks for the advice

How’s the arm feeling Rizzi?

You better say something and get an x-ray! I took a year off then resumed in 1996 and was in best shape of my life and was very shocked at how well I threw! Problem was that I went from 2 innings 30 pitches to 9 innings 100 in a week! Like you, I felt great while in there and pitched a great game mid 80’s and 14 k’s but I didn’t throw again for a year!!! I had a fracture in my clavical and rotater damage! Do not assume that you will feel it on the spot! (1)do you have to push when you throw!(2)does it hurt to do a lateral raise!(3)keep an eye on your throwing shoulder (clavical)in the mirror for a bump or the appearance that your shoulder sags in the socket.

sorry been away from my cpu for a while. arms great actually. just stretched it out and ran and i felt great a few days later. thanks