Injury help

So, I threw 2 innings on this past Saturday. My first innings in almost 6 months. My arm felt great, I felt some stiffness after, nothing unusual for me though as I’ve had shoulder problems. Went on to the field and took it easy on sunday, played 2 innings in the field in right field, with just slight stiffness in my shoulder area. I threw a ball in from right and heard a popping noise, as soon as the popping occurred, all pain in my shoulder area was gone. I felt no pain, no stiffness. I had all the velocity on the ball as I did before. I thought to myself, this is weird…
Fast forward to today, I threw a bit with friends, nothing too crazy, arm felt fine, velocity is there, I moved it out to 200 feet, and was having trouble reaching my catcher, with slight stiffness and pain in my shoulder. I was a bit nervous, because I normally throw the ball 200 feet with ease, and no pain, and can stretch it out to 300 feet if need be. I brought it back down to 100 feet, no pain, no stiffness. 75 feet, no pain no stiffness and so on.

I am now experiencing little to no pain in my shoulder, but a slight popping or crunching noise when my shoulder moves across my body. As if I was stretching it. I have looked up rotator cuff injuries, and tears, and this falls in that category. Obviously, I am feeling no pain, no loss of velocity, so I’m a little cautious. Is this a rotator cuff tear? I know you guys aren’t doctors, but someone can give me some help. I am going to take the next two weeks off before the season starts. I have some college offers, and this is not what I wanted to hear two weeks before the season.


So you’re not feeling any pain, but you feel cracking or popping in your shoulder? From my experience, cracking within the rotator cuff usually indicates that you haven’t properly warmed up. You should be able to rotate your shoulder forward and backwards with no cracking sensation. Are you doing your rotator cuff exercises, and properly dynamic stretching prior to throwing?

As a side note, if you DID have a rotator cuff tear, then it would be very unlikely that you would have any type of mobility for throwing. So, I really don’t think you should jump to conclusions quite yet. Try warming up your rotator cuff until the cracking goes away before throwing, and if that doesn’t work, you should consider seeing a doctor or your school’s athletic trainer.

Get to a doctor and get it looked at.

Seeing a doctor is a good idea. If only for peace of mind.

If you’re set against seeing the doc. At least see a trainer who might be able to help with a dynamic stretching regimen along with rotator cuff exercises.

NOTE I’d still get it checked by the doc

Speaking from extensive experince with pitching injuries, you should see a doctor, or as stated above, at least see a trainer. If you are fond of baseball, you enjoy pitching like the rest of us do, you shouldnt be taking any chances, especially with the shoulder.

Perhaps you are avoiding the doctor out of fear or anxiety of what the doc might find, but i dont know you so i really cant say. But i DO know many ballplayers who have let their potential go to waste and ruined their careers simply due to the anxiety and panic they experienced when thinking about any real problem the doc might find. I have been there, Ive had the injuries and the scares, but I had witnessed teammates drop like flies because they couldnt bring themselves to see the doctor. I learned from their mistakes, got myself fixed up, and to this day Im still throwing pain free and got my fastball back stronger then before (avg 91-92). Hopefully you can learn from their mistakes too.

Dont let this happen to you, you’re still young. If it turns out to be an actual injury you have time to get it fixed up and recover in time for a college career. Be smart about it, dont waste your potential.