Injury help!

I dont know if this is the right place for this post. But anyways im 16 years old and ive pitched a bit here and there. But now i somehow hurt myself throwing its not my arm or shoulder. Its kind of behind of my ribs felt like something rubbed. Ive done it a couple of times. I rest it and ok but next saturday im starting and i want to know whats wrong…

That’s the kind of injury that happens to more ballplayers, no matter what position, than you can shake a stick at. Before you do anything else you should have a doctor check it out. It may not be anything serious, or it may mean trouble if not taken care of—you want to be sure before you take the mound again. Don’t wait.

Well it never hurts when i catch and play out field just pitch. And the doctor thing is kind of hard for me. i dont have insurance.

I understand about not having insurance but there are always places you can get medical advice from doctors, local county clinics and even ER’s as long as you are willing to take time.

Your health is not something you want to mess with, you need to put your health first.

like buwhite said theirs lots of clinics willing to take time to give you a diagnosis abot your problem