Info needed in regards to a Sinker ball and Splitter

Interested in learning how to throw a pitch that will get me more gorundballs: sinker or splitter? How do you throw those? Grip?


Let me tackle your second question first.
The splitter, or split-finger fast ball, is actually a first cousin to the forkball, but it’s faster and a lot easier to throw because the grip is not as extreme. With the forkball you actually grip the ball between the index and the middle finger, and unless you have a King Kong-sized paw you’d be better off without it because it puts a terrific strain on the hand and the arm. For the splitter you grip the ball with those two fingers just off the seams, maybe a little wider—you can experiment with it to find the grip that’s comfortable for you. And you throw it the same way you do the fast ball. Jose Contreras throws both pitches and does very well with them.
The sinker is, at bottom, a two-seam fast ball, and you grip that one with your fingers along the seams. You also throw that one like a fast ball, because it’s a variation of that pitch. I remember that Chien-Ming Wang had a great sinker before he got hurt. It’s particularly effective if you’re a sidearm pitcher or at least can use that delivery. One thing—you need to be sure the mound is high enough so that you can get good downward movement on it; a low or flat surface can only lead to disaster. 8)

Zita Carno,

Thanks very much for the feedback friend. Greatly appreicate it.