Inflated velocity numbers in the big leagues

This thought just came to me, how inflated do you think a pitchers velocity is when you see there speed thrown on TV during a game? I have heard that it is inflated by about 3-4 mph

i really dont know but ive never even heard of this inlfating their velocity…i wouldnt think they do that…do they do it for college to?

For the most part, big league clubs – and Fox Sports TV – use the Juggs gun, which we all know reads a little faster than the ray gun (Stalker). It’s about 3 to 4 mph difference, less the higher the velocity. I don’t think higher velocity readings are an intentional thing, I just think the Juggs is used more. (Am I spelling Juggs right?)

Yeah you spelled Juggs right, I have also heard that they inflate the vlo numbers to impress TV viewers. I have never read an article or report to support this, but I have had this discussion before with friends in the minors currently.

Agree with the inflation in the bigs…I never noticed it until so many mediocre pitchers were getting mid-90’s and above last summer. Could just be a conspiracy … but when the pitchers themselves are quoted as being surprised at the readings , kinda makes me wonder …