Infielders Fielding a baseball

How do you teach your infielders after they fielded a ground ball. Do you tell them to bring the hands to the throwing shoulder, belly button, hip or to the chest?

The firstl thing you need to teach them is how to get the ball out of the glove and into the throwing hand without stopping, fumbling and otherwise
losing time! I’ve seen a lot of major leaguers fumble as they try to transfer the ball to their throwing hand, and what happens is that the batter often beats the throw. As for the position from which to throw—a lot of infielders use a quick, hard sidearm motion, and because it reaches the first baseman or whoever is covering the bag in plenty of time I wouldn’t bother too much with that. The important thing is to get the ball out of the glove! 8)


How do you teach getting the ball out of the glove?

The important part is getting a firm grip quickly. Getting the thumb under the ball and developing a feel for quickly getting across a seam. That takes individual practice as well as drills. I still have kids play pepper to work on this.

I guess what I am asking is when the baseball gets in the infielders glove, does he bring it to his belly button, hip, throwing shoulder or chest to get a good grip on the ball, after that he will keep a short arm to throw to 1B. I have heard so many different things.

I think I understand what you are after:

absorb the ball into the glove and take it in to your solar plexis
as you get your momentum moving into the direction of the throw and get a grip.
you need to have your grip as your hands are together and moving back to where your weight is gathered over your back leg.
at this point you should have your grip before taking a hop toward the target, breaking your hands, and getting online for the throw

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Remember, there is not a bad hop on the field. The infielder determines the hop.

Go get 'em.