Indoor practice just started

On your make shift mound that you throw off of is the slope higher then where the rubber is? It almost looks like your throwing slightly uphill.

No wales, its actually lower where my foot plants.
Usually use only one of those boards and plant the foot on the ground itself.

Oh btw, since ive not been gunned for like 3 years, any rough guess on how fast these pitches were?

It’s really too hard to tell just from watching a few minutes of video what were you at the last time you got gunned?

If i remember right that would have been around 70-75 with bad mechanics and a whole lot skinnier.

My best guess would be 72-75mph, but you have said you were at max effort.

U mean 72-75 on these vids? cuz these weren’t at max effort as we discussed before. or are u reffering to my old video’s ?

I mean these videos, just by watching the timing from release to the plate, I could be dead wrong.

Yea i timed some with a stopwatch, ending up on high 70 low 80ish. wich im quiet sure is DEAD wrong ! anyways goals for this season is 80-85. I def need to beef up a bit to get that there but willing to work on that :slight_smile:

Is there a place where you can get gunned near you?

Nop there is not. A team mate is with the law enforcement. so we might try those guns, that is , IF he can bring one:P

Haha good luck with that one man! How’d you get clocked before?

There isn’t a baseball facility anywhere close to you?

Bu, Rodriguez is in Holland its amazing that he’s been able to get onto a team over there considering how few teams there are over there.

Missed all that!!!I see what the issue is then. Well, with some good video and accurate distances then we should be able to come up with some fairly close estimates.

Few years back they gad set up a cage. Some tournament for europe or so. But they dpnt do that no more.

For the videos what angle? Distance is always as on the field.

Sorry for typos, on!

Oh and wales, not as bad as you might think. There are quiet a few just that most of m arent that.big, crappy fields n all that. They happy they can play.

If my calculations are right from your video’s, it looks like the pitch is taking .47 to .5 seconds to get to the catcher, assuming the distance to the plate is 60 feet, your stride is 6 feet and the catcher is about 1 foot back from the front of the plate: 60 feet - 6 feet + 1 foot = 54 feet.

54/.47 sec = 114.9 feet/sec which is 78.3 mph
54/.5 sec = 108 feet/sec which is 73.6 mph

I could be way off with respect to many things but it’s in the ballpark.

Good Luck

Thanks! Yea that seems about right I guess. now I know why I ended up on 80mph. Took the whole lenght not - stride and + catcher.

Anyways, Same angle would be good enough to get a good look at it?
If so Ill place it the same this saturday and get some 100% shots!

Been away from the forum for a while sadly
but here is another vid @ full speed
I must admit i wasnt fully present ( mentally that is )

*black shirt guy btw

I’ll take a look when I get a chance Rodriguez.

Not being there mentally eh, that too is a HUGE part of the game have you read any mental books on Baseball or more specifically on Pitching?

Nah gf and i broke up like 2 hours before practice so its not something permanent or anything.

but it did or might have affected my throwing.

it did… Most off my pitches front foot WAY to much to first base side again.
and over rotating at the end, line drive would kill me.