Indoor only throwing program to return to pitching


What is a good indoor only throwing program for a 15 yr old to begin returning to pitching? Due to our geographical location, we are restricted to throwing evenings indoors until the snow melts and the daylight hours start getting longer. I have seen different return to throwing programs but they usually include various long distance components that we won’t be able to incorporate using the indoor cage we have available. What would be a good substitute progressive program ?



I also throw indoors in a hitting tunnel at my local baseball facility. I usually get loose by foam rolling then a quick dynamic warm-up followed up with some band work. Before throwing my simulated long toss program into the net I start off by doing plyocare throws into a wall with balls ranging from 1 kg down to 100 grams. I have built up some decent intensity at this point and I start the throwing with a baseball by doing different drills throwing about eye-level into a target and then as I gradually back up towards the back of the cage I do step behinds until I’m throwing to the top of the net at the other end of the tunnel. After the ‘furthest’ throws I then start doing pull-downs throwing lower and lower into the net until I’m back to throwing eye-level at max intensity.


Also, you will want to plan out a 7-8 week progression for your bullpens to get up to your game max pitch count so you are ready to go on day one of the regular season. Most starters can get up to 85-100 pitches in that time frame. Once you get into season, you will need to determine your max pitches/innings to throw and begin the process of budgeting them for the season including post season. I always plan through the end of the year assuming we will be playing the leagues final game of the year. If a pitcher plans on participating in a fall league, then I’ll adjust their pitch counts down for the
Spring/Summer season to offset projected use in the fall.