Indoor hitting machines

ive been looking for an inexpensive soft toss like machine to use in my garage to work on hitting during the winter. has anyone ever seen one fo these used before or know anything more about it.

Theres this one for about $250, I’ve heard it’s really good.

It’s by Jugs.

has anyone ever used any of these types of machines or have seen them before?

I actually got one today for christmas, I have a socknet set up down in my basement for a tee, but now I’ve got that set up, it’s not the jugs, but it’s exactly the same set up, it hold ten balls at a time, and throws 1 about every 4 seconds. I’ve gotten a ton of swings in today using it.

honestly, if it’s not out of you’re price range, get it. I love mine. My dad got one from somebody he knows through his job, he ended up getting it for 50 bucks due to a sporting shop’s liquidation sale.