Indians trade!

This is in my opinion, a great trade for the Indians!


Nice, encouraging quote you got there old boy :bigtup:

IDK, I like Choo - He seems underrated.

I suppose it depends on what Bauer turns into.

If Bauer could pitch even an average season before 2014 it would seem like a great trade.

As a Diamondbacks fan and a Trevor Bauer fanatic, this trade sent me into complete outrage. The Indians nailed it today, and having always been my second club due to my dad and his roots I will definitely be rooting for them a lot more. Plus Stubbs is from UT. As a Diamondbacks fan I am confused on why you would trade a guy with unreal upside for a shortstop that hasn’t showed a real star side of him. Just a stupid trade in my opinion, hope it all works out though. Trevor Bauer = AL Cy Young

Because DiPoto is the one that pulled the trigger on Bauer and protected his workout routines from the club, but when DiPoto left to take the GM job in Anaheim, all bets were off.

For the record, Cleveland is not very friendly to unorthodox routines either (they curtailed Hagadone’s stuff, who trained using similar methods to Bauer since Hagadone’s former college coach buys into Wolforth’s stuff). We’ll see how it goes.

Yes, it was all about getting Bauer and the Indians needed to shore up their rotation immediately. Francona is perhaps the best type of Manager to insulate Bauer from the tendency of ownership to fiddle with eccentric pre game warm ups and unconventional conditioning.

I like the fact that they ended up with Albers and Shaw. Both are mid to high 90’s gas and hard on left handed batters which they needed to replace Sipp.

Drew Stubbs got dumped on the Tribe just to make this deal happen. He won’t contribute much to the team batting average although the wind blowing out from homeplate toward right center might pick up from all his swings and misses. That’s why Nick Swisher is being sought to play a corner outfield spot. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Stubbs get dealt for some late round prospects.

The real bummer is that Youkilis was lost to the Yankees…Francona was hoping that deal worked out. First base and the outfield are definite weaknesses. Still alot of work to be done to make them competitive. But heck, when the closest team to compare yourself to is the Pittsburgh Pirates…you look pretty dang good.

Remember, this deal got done for one pretty trivial reason. Somebody’s ego was bruised in the Diamondback organization and they said, “My way or the highway.” If Bauer turns out to be the stud he is projected to be, that ego could have cost Arizona both money and Championships. Ain’t life grand !

I totally agree with what you’re all saying! The greatest part is that they will probably start him in the majors as a starter since he had some experience last year and they could sure use some depth in the starting rotation.

Even if he is a number 3 starters, he could be a huge contributor to the Indians.

He will probably also draw a ton a fans to Progressive whenever he pitches.

I’m so glad the Indians didn’t trade Cabrera and traded a prospect instead. It’s about time they traded for the now.

I don’t know about Stubbs, maybe he will contribute in the corners of the outfield because I think that Brantely will be the main center fielder and have another great year.

Hopefully they Indians get some more guys this offseason to sure up their lineup, but they are starting to look really good!

Dare I say playoffs :wink:

This may seem cryptic because it was a comment I made to Kyle in a PM about my friend Dino’s take on this trade…You may praise my precognitive skills now Kyle 8)

Bummer for me…I had gotten used to seeing him pitch in a small stadium…the longer he stayed in AAA with the Aces the better for me. Oh well, good luck Bauer.

It’s an interesting deal that’s for sure.

Looking forward to seeing how well Bauer does in the AL.

I guess time will tell how this move works out for all player’s involved.

[quote=“jdfromfla”]This may seem cryptic because it was a comment I made to Kyle in a PM about my friend Dino’s take on this trade…You may praise my precognitive skills now Kyle 8)


Haha, quite true.