Index finger injury

While building a model, i was drilling a whole in a piece of pvc, and the knife snapped shut on my index finger. i had to go to the hospital and have it glued back together. No bullpens or throwing for at least two weeks, and then after that i can only throw pirches that dont use my index finger for a while… Talon Herbert on facebook. photo album “ouch” to see the pics of my injury.[/img]

a finger injury should not keep you from much (if any) baseball next year.

yeah, I’m at 75 perent already. Curve still hurts a bbit, but everything else is tip top.

Considering cuts and lacerations heal at about 1% per day so for complete healing it should take a total of 100 days, say you could start really throwing again half way through and be totally ready by the end of February, probably not what you wanted to hear but it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to pitch next season. Take advantage of it, make it a positive, work on the things you usually don’t work on, get yourself in great shape, when you usually do bullpens work on running, abs work, cardio and end up a beast with your shape

I once accidently cut the tip off my finger with a scissor.
It only took about one month to heal.
Of course, that was just skin, not bone.
It happened in July? a few years ago.
Right in the middle of summer.
I missed baseball for at least one month.
I couldn’t throw because it was a finger on my throwing hand (I’m right-handed).

I’ve had pitchers that, for one reason or another, had hand and finger configerations - even disfirgurement, because of a serious injury in their past.

They gave their injury enough time to heal, completely.

Later on in their life, when they came onto the field, this altered hand/finger configuration, worked for them in ways that were not expected - at first. Breaking stuff worked amazingly well, along with odd pitches that no one could really explain.

Finger tip and other things close to that, I don’t think, will give the same results, but then, you never know.

Coach B.

Go on the web and look up “Three Fingers Brown”.

And ever since “Three fingered Brown” pitched for the Cubs in the 1908 WS (which they won), they haven’t won
a World Series since.

And look up Antonio Alfonseca also.

With Antonio Alfonseca it was another story altogether. He was an anomaly, with an extra finger on each hand (and maybe an estra toe on each foot as well, who knows?), and who knows what unusual pitches me might have come up with if not for the fact that he did get belted around quite a bit. Perhaps that extra finger was one too many. :roll:

Right, Antonio Alfonseca has an extra digit on each hand
and a extra toe on each foot.
I looked him up on Wikipedia.