Index finger blisters/bleeding

my 17 year old son keeps developing large calluses on his index finger. The calluses will peel off during a game, then his finger will split open and bleed. I just found a web site for Stan’s Rodeo Cream. Anyone ever tried this stuff? Any other suggestions?

Never heard of that product, but I would suggest that he use lots and lots and lots of lotion.

The best time to put lotion on is right after the shower.

Well if you want to go old school, the technique was to soak your fingers in pickle juice…no joke it works.

You could just do what Bob wickman did and accidently chop some of your finger off. :oops:

There’s a product I believe made by blistex that you can put over your fingers that can help with blisters and callouses. I used it when I was in College and it seemed to work pretty well.

or do what Vlad Guererro does and pee on your hands

Medline Remedy with Olivamine skin repair cream. Uses dimethicone 1.5% as a skin protectant. Order # MSC094424. May need a physician’s prescription.

Browse product line here:

or old school:
Vermont’s Bag Balm

I believe it was Moises Alou who urinated on his hands and according to this article…it works although you should soak your hands in it for about five minutes for maximum effect: