Independent Leagues

What type of players play in these leagues? Does one need to have minor league experience to play in these leagues? Could a former college player play in these leagues?

There are many different levels of independent leagues in the U.S. with different levels of play.

The players have all different backgrounds of competition. They are typically former college players or former MLB minor leaguers looking to continue playing and hoping to catch on to another Major league team.


If you’re looking to break in the Frontier League is mostly college players.

The Northern League has former MLB guys as well as the Atlantic League.

Most Indys play at a Rookie Ball, Single A level.

The Northern is like A advanced

The Atlantic is like AA


Here’s another side(s) to consideration:

No pension or retirement plans, normally.
No resume worth building for a direction in the future, outside this work.
Variable market base for “if’-ee” job security.
Claiming to be a “pro” ball player in these leagues gets old, real quick.
Get hurt- you’re on your own more than you realize.

Playing Indy ball can be an experience that you can tell your grandkids - if you can afford them. As time passes, and your ability to make a decent living, are not in your favor though.

Coach B.

My son’s current summer team pitching coach pitched in the Frontier League. He was a DII All American out of Tusculum. I think he put in two years and then decided that being a computer technician and coach was more enjoyable and a better way to make a living. Indy …It’s a grind…

It’s a grind indeed. One of my best friends played in the Frontier League also. He hardly got enough money to pay for rent.

He instead went back and finished his degree and it is teacher now. Little more job security to say the least!