Increasing velocity

Last week I posted a thread about not being coached and wanting to increase my velocity. What trainging workouts, eating habits, etc. should I do to increase velocity, redevelope or better my ‘muscle memory,’ as one coach said, and to increase stamina?

  1. General overall strength.
  2. Learn about the mechanics that hard throwers use.
  3. Get your body to actually use the mechanics you learn about. That’s the hard part.
  4. Get your body fit to pitch. This is where a lot of disagreement happens.
  5. Find a coach who understands these things. Another hard part.
  6. Use video of your pitching sessions.
  7. Trial and error.

Sorry for not giving specifics but there’s really no easy answer.

dm59’s got some excellent ideas. The development (or re-development) of muscle memory comes from repetition: Performing the correct muscle movements over and over again until it becomes second nature. Stamina comes from being properly conditioned. Proper nutrition (such as eating gobs of protien) won’t help velocity, per se, but it can help to optomize the way you feel – which certainly bears weight on how you perform.

I’d say the best way to increase velocity is to throw everyday. Implement periodization into your workout routine (visit Mike Griffin’s section of this forum for better ideas about this concept), and develop quality pitching mechanics so that you saty injury-free and have fun on the bump.