increasing velocity

I have been working to increase my velocity. Now, I keep hearing from other players and coaches that mass helps with velocity. I don’t want to put on more weight what other way is there even when fastball mechanics are good?

Tim Lincicom is my height and weighs like 170lbs and can throw 99-100mph consistantly. I notice he does this by jumping forward as he relesases the ball.

While I agree it might look like Lincecum “jumps” forward, I don’t think that is the best description of what he does. In fast, what he does starts a lot earlier in his delivery. Specifically, he starts his hips forward early - well before his knee lift peaks. This lets him build up a tremendous amount of momentum. Good mechanics and timing allow that energy to be transferred up through the body and out to the ball.

Of course, I suspect there’s also a significant element of genetics in Lincecum’s case.

I agree with roger, just because it works for one pitcher doesn’t mean it is going to work for another. You gotta go with what feels good to you and what helps you pound down in the zone, it doesn’t matter if you hit 110 on the radar if it hits someone 8 rows in the stands it does you no good!!

when ppl tell you that mass helps increase velocity, they usually say it in the wrong way. If you think, its more ‘mass’ as in height and you can control increases in height. Of course, if you are already tall like myself(6’4.5’’), the mass=velocity can be useful, but keep it in check, dont go pounding down high fat protein shakes all day so that you build a little muscle but a lot of fat, you want to eat reallllly healthy (eat like 2 cups of broccoli a day, it can up ur testosterone) and and lift weights 4 or 5 days a week, and make sure you have good form, and you will add the mass you need.

…wow, i rly rambled there didnt i?

just a note: Lincecum doesn’t consistently hit 99-100 mph. He cruises 94-96 mph.

stole my fire, I hate that, he’s a freak of nature but why does everyone say he hits 98-100 consistently, or he can hit 100 mph, HAS HE EVER HIT 100 MPH??! serious idk lol

but yea he stays between 93-97

Lincecum has hit 100 mph twice in games, once in college and once in single A I believe.

ill bet anybody here that those 2 pitches were close to wild

I’ve actually played against lincecum two years ago in the Cal League, and his stuff is every bit as good as it looks on tv. Being a starting pitcher I’ve actuallly sat in the stands in between starts and I’ve seen him sit 95-98 with an 86 mph hammer. Serious stuff

Once a pitcher starts throwing into the mid 90’s it could be 95 or 100, it looks the same at this point.

Ron, to give you some advice if you have a similar build to someone like Tim Lincecum then go with it. I believe it is good advice to model yourself after a body of a major leaguer who is built like you. The fact that it is Tim Lincecum is perfect because he is such a phenomenal specimen for explosive mechanics. The recent article in the Sports Illustrated where he was interviewed about his style of pitching would be a good place for you to get the start you need. I also wrote an article on this article. You can read it here and it has a link to the SI article as well.

Best of luck!

I’m always tempted to try and pitch like lincecum since genetically we are alike(except i’d kick his ass in golf)

Talking about increasing velocity for pitchers is interesting especially when citing the 100 mph freaks that are definitely out there but the reality is that most of these guys are genetic freaks. So I like point out that alot of guys throw it no more than 90 mph maximum and are very effective. I see numerous Double A starting pitchers “cruising” at 88-89 mph with a really effective change (high 70’s) and a quality breaking ball. I’m not qualified to evaluate mechanics but they seem to have any number of different arm actions and deliveries. Alot seem to have really heavy thighs and legs.

A strength and conditioning program along with reasonable weighted ball use and a long toss routine will get you going toward your top velocity.

But the most important thing to me is a quality pitching coach (rare indeed) who knows how to use all these techniques without hurting your arm. You find that and you got something going for you.

I believe that genetics are a big factor in pitching velocity. so people are only meant to throw so fast. Here are a couple things that can boost your velocity 2-4mph over time that has helped me out.

  1. Doing the surgical tubing exercises relegiously once sometime twice a day (also prevents injuries)
  2. Doing plyometric workouts where you are explosive instead of the normal static lifts that most people do
  3. Running Runnin Running. Both long distance for leg strenght and different interval sprints for explosion
  4. Try to speed up your mechanics slightly. If you pause at your balance point then you are losing velocity. (Dont sarafice command for velocity though)