Increasing velocity

Straight up… How can I throw faster.???

Better mechanics, stronger legs or trunk or hips, speed and cardio training.

By keeping straight up!
Stand tall, keep your balance on the mound. When pitching, don’t lean too far to either side or you’ll lose balance/control/velocity.
Have a decent stride length- about 100% of your height. Most people agree that a pitcher’s stride length should be about 100% of his height.
Too long a stride, and a pitcher will lose control of his body. Too short a stride, and a pitcher will not be able to use his whole body as effectively as with a good stride. Do not stride so long that you lose control of your body.
Stabilize your back leg. Collapsing the back leg causes a pitcher’s momentum to go backwards toward second base.
Use your lower legs, lower body, and core to produce your power.
Pitchers should throw with their whole bodies, not their arms.
Move quick. If a pitcher wants to pitch fast, he has to have a quick delivery.

a steady regimen of long toss (say 3 times a wek) will increase your fastball velocity anywhere from 1-5 mph. And throw changeups in long toss. It’s okay if you one-hop your throwing partner. Just air it out a bit.
other than that I would suggest core workouts. Work your abs and back alot. Legs are also important. Explosive lifts with your legs.