Increasing Velocity Tips/Workouts


I play 11u AAU and Little League Baseball. In little league, I’ve always been considered a hard thrower, with great control and knowledge of the game. I go to AAU and I’m only Top 6 in velocity on my team. I fixed a couple things with my velocity and throw around 55 mph now. If there are any workouts or mental tips to increase my velocity let me know. When I look it up I’m getting different opinions from every website. My goal is to pitch 58 mph by the time my two seasons are over. Any help? Thanks!


I’ve posted a velocity chart to see where you are based on some loose criteria looking at national averages here:

The biggest thing to focus on at 11 years old is developing consistency and repeatability with your mechanics. Fastballs and change ups, with the same mechanics – so important. As you add exercises like tubing, lightweight dumbells, med balls and body weight exercises like air squats and push-ups, the foundation you’re building with your mechanics will give you the opportunity to really make significant improvements quickly.


Thank you very much. Lately I’ve been using 10 pound dumbbells, resistance bands, push ups, lateral jumps, and more. I hope to see an improvement in me.