Increasing Pitching Velocity


Hi i’m a 15 y/o pitcher and about a week ago I got clocked at 71 mph which really sucked.I’m 6’4 205 lbs and I’m trying to be at high 70’s next year.My mechanical problems are lack of use of drive leg, upper body leaking, no front leg stabilization/extension,back knee over heel, poor arm path and a little lack of hip to shoulder seperation.I’m also going to be lifting and working on overall being a better athlete, fater, higher vert, more explosive etc.Do you think this is possible and any tips?


Let’s see if I got this right?
You have…….
1.) lack of use of drive leg
2.) upper body leaking
3.) no front leg stabilization/extension
4.) back knee over heel
5.) poor arm path
6.) little lack of hip to shoulder separation

Could you post some video?