Increasing MPH

Anyone see anything that’s holding velo back?

Lefty pitching (1) and Lefty pitching (2) on youtube
are also Adamboy bullpen sessions.

Your stride looks a little short. But its hard to tell.

I’d really like to see a side view but it looks like you don’t use your lower half as much as you could. In other words, you appear to throw with a lot of arm. It’s hard to tell but your drag line looks fairly short indicating a lack of momentum. I’m thinking you could get the hips moving forward sooner and probably faster than you currently do. This increased momentum will translate into more energy that can be put into the ball (assuming mechanics and timing are good thus allowing efficient transfer of energy through the links in the kinetic chain).

I agree with the previous two comments. But what is the cause? What it looks like to me is that he lands with his stride foot to the left of the line from his post foot to the catcher instead of on or slightly to the right of that line. This prevents the hips from opening as they should , the shoulders from squaring, & does not allow for good release of stored energy towards the target. Everything else looks fairly good.

The first thing that stuck out to me was that you landed across your body. That doesn’t allow your hips and shoulders to rotate inside your front knee as they should. When your hips can’t rotate correctly you start to cast your arm and throw across the ball rather than through it. I’m willing to assume that you miss high arm side fairly often and that your breaking ball backs up on you as it did in the video. In addition, you have a quick strong arm and throwing across your body places additional strain on your UCL which could mean Tommy John down the line. So if you could get your front foot on a line perpendicular with your back foot and in line with your target you will find increased success.
Another thing is that your hips in my opinion are opening too soon. I think if you could drift through the balance point in the same fashion as a Mariano Rivera or Tim Lincecum you could increase your velocity. They lead with their glove side butt cheek, see the pictures, allowing their hips to stay closed longer while still building momentum towards the plate. Hope this helps

Thanks guys for all your feedback. Obviously he has some potential or upside as he is a freshman at a D1. This by no means has him content on where he is and knows not only working hard to get better, but having an open mind and trying or correcting some of the things that are stated in this thread and others. He realizes that your never your best and you can always improve.
Adam (if I may brag) was Valedictorian of his high school in 2007 and received both a academic and athletic scholarship to this school and will be able to decipher from these threads, his pitching coach and others what it takes to improve. Again, thank you very much for your input as it is very much appreciated.

Danny B.

whoa! 0-21 on the road. Hopefully adam will help you guys out this year. Or you could just play all your games at home!

I’m not sure “whoa” is a strong enough word to describe it.
It is very disappointing especially when they were knocked out of the NCAA
Regionals by the power house Texas Longhorns the previous year.

Hopefully with the new players the have brought in (including Adam) and a change in the head coach, they can get back to their winning ways.
Of course if you look at the schedule, they still have to go through the Longhorns, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Alabama…etc.
But on a personal level, it will be a challenging but exciting year and I know
Adam is looking forward to the challenge.

That is quite an exciting schedule. A team that has traditionally found itself in the NCAA tournament will most likely not have seasons of drought too often.