Increasing hip/shoulder separation

What are some stretches/ways to increase hip/should separation to create the ‘spring’ or torque from the core

While there are things you can do to work on the flexibility aspect of hip and shoulder separation, it’s really a timing issue - keeping the shoulders closed long enough to allow the hips to fully rotate first.

what is it about tim lincecum that allows him to create such hip/shoulder separation? Is he more flexible or does he stay closed more so than his fellow major league pitcher?

He has genetics. It’s amazing how many kids are obsessed with him, focus on being the best you that you can be.

Agreed, I also think that you need the strength to allow for the flexibility also.


Agreed, I also think that you need the strength to allow for the flexibility also.[/quote]
Agreed - a balance of strength and flexibility is definitely good. Lincecum has the strength to go with his flexibility. He has the strength to stay online with his target and stay closed to rotate late despite his head/spine tilt.

dow under thunder lincecum does have genetics, but he is also the posterboy for efficient mechanics. I never was trying to copy his mechanics completly. As aspiring pitchers, we can take little things from tims delivery and possibly implement them in our own. Good Hip/shoulder separation is a vital component to pitching. Tim masters that as good as anybody is the game today. To be the best you have to learn from the best.

I’m not saying that you should be obsessed with Lincecum, but I think the reason so many people are fascinated by him is many reasons:

  1. He can throw upper 90s
  2. He has dominated the past 2 seasons
  3. He is 5’10’’ and weighs around 160 lbs, he is a small pitcher by major league standards
  4. His delivery looks different.

Given the fact that he gets extreme seperation and has incredibly efficent mechanics I think that you can learn from what he can do, but you shouldn’t copy him.

I can copy tim Lincecum’s mechanics, but I dont. I’ve modeled my mechanics after Daniel Bard.

If you look at bard lincecum strasburg, they all have very efficient mechanics. Yes they have quick arms as well, but you don’thave to look at a radar gun to see that there mechanics are solid.