Increasing flexibility


I didn’t know where to put this so.

How long should you be holding stretches to increase flexibility?


idk 8 seconds a piece. My sit and reach is like +6.75 so I’ve never really been concerned too much about my flexibility.


Mine was +11 :stuck_out_tongue:

My right leg is stiffer than my left… my left I can easily touch my forehead to my knee whereas my right it’s hard to touch my toes so I’m trying to fix that.


Dude if your sit and reach is +11 flexibility is the least of your worries.


Hi Offset,

This is not really a question that you can define by a set time. This time will vary from person to person as all other muscle sizes and flexibility is different. You should be going for a good stretch. This will feel like a slight burn when you stretch your muscles. For some people this can be a few seconds and for others it can be a bit longer. Your aim should be to go for this slight burn feeling and then to gradually push yourself throughout your sessions.

Also, the more into weights you get, the more you should focus on stretching. Finally, be sure that you are stretching before and after your games and practices. It is extremely important to stretch after practices and games to help work out the lactic acid buildup. This will help keep you from getting as sore the next day.

Good luck in the upcoming season.

Jack Elliott