Increasing arm speed

I Coach Highschool and select teams in Louisiana, and I talk to guys all the time about teaching pitching mechanics. I ask guys what they teach to increase arm speed. Some guys say weight transfer is very important, others say it is rotation. When I work guys on my team or during private instruction,I emphasize both as being important, but I thought I’d put the question out there to get some input.

Dear Coach David:

I also think it is very important to emphasis arm speed. I strongly believe arm speed is correlated with how fast your body is moving toward home plate. Also, Coach David, I think speed and force is increased by a complete rotation of the upper arm, just like a swimmer using a “crawl stroke”. I think circling the upper arm is an effective way to generate arm speed because it allows the arm to externally rotate back before the pitch. On, Gary Adams UCLA’s former coach, has a basic drill on doing arm circles with 1 baseball in each hand focusing on the speed of the arm. Then, he talks about working up to 2 or 3 baseballs in each hand, while doing the circles. I can’t say enough about weighted balls and the effects in has had on our pitchers arm speed. If I could pick one sport all our players could particapate in it would be swimming. Can you think of a better sport that promotes arm and force behind the speed? I love swimming, but our players have not been real excited about particapating. If you have any effective arm speed drills share them with us!! I am going to be posting a few other drills in my HS section of this forum. Take Care, Coach Kreber

i think proper mechanics go a long way in arm speed but also long tossing.