Increased Velocity

hi i am new to this forum. Right now i throw about 77-78mph average. I can throw 82mph on a crop hop too.
I was wondering how i can get my velocity up to about 83-85mph this year. I am currently 16 turning 17this year. Will my program help me gain my designated 5mph by the end of July.

Monday: Leg strengthening, sprints, long toss
Tuesday: core strengthening, sprints, bull pen
Wednesday: upper body strength, long toss
Thursday: leg strengthening, sprints, bullpen
Friday: core strengthening, sprints, long toss

I also have pretty good mechanics as well. I use my lower half to generate the power and i use my core as well. I also got pretty good control.
If anybody has anything to add please just post what and where it would fit into my schedule as well.

When do you pitch in games? Are you a starter or reliever?

Do you think its time yet to make one thread that will answer all the questions about velocity and pitching? I swear every day there is another person asking the same questions as the guy literally right before him. That way you dont have to keep answering the same questions.

hey steven i am a starter. Last year i completed 4/6 games that i started last year.

Will my program make me increase velocity

Clearly, you’ve got the work ethic. Depending on the types of exercises you’re doing, I’d say you’re headed in the right direction. Sometimes we all fall victim, at one time or another, of doing too much weight room work and throwing, because we think more is better. Often, however, it wears us down instead of building muscle and velocity. Give yourself some rest, too! Good luck, buddy!

one aspect of velocity that often goe over looked in arm action. a loose arm action goes a long way with velocity increase. ive seen guys add 5 mph over one of season without liffting a weight. Why? they had loose arm actions.

ya thanks steven. I do got pretty good work ethic. But ya like the strength that i am doing is with heavy weights. I am just going to do through out the inseason and offseason. Just so i can gain velocity quicker. And cause i got a big tryout camp coming soon.

Loose arm action increase velocity. Dude my arm action, told by many coaches is like a whip. And i believe it. I am trying to have a little tighter arm action, just for the fact that my elbow starts to hurt. But with a tighter arm action my arm never hurts.