Increase Velocity

If you’re looking to increase velocity and at the same time prevent injuries and sore arms, then I HIGHLY recommend looking into the Jaeger program. My teammate went out to California last winter to the Jaeger Winter camp and brought back the program and got me started on it. When I first started on it I was topping at 83 and now at the end of June I have topped off at 90 but consistently pitching in the 86-89 mph range. And the thing I find most amazing about it is that I am very rarely sore after throwing so I’m able to throw at least 5 days a week long tossing. It’s a very unorthodox way of long tossing and I often get weird looks when warming up before a game like at the area code try outs, but once I get on the mound people understand why I do it.

I’m not writing this post to tell everyone how hard I throw because there are a lot of guys out there throwing as hard and harder than me. And plus its no big deal, but I’m just so excited about this program and the results that I thought it would be good to share with other ballplayers trying to get to the next level.

So just check out the Jaeger website and watch the videos on YouTube to learn more. You will not regret it! :slight_smile:

since I’m a cheap son of a b***h, wanna give me the program? (Just tell me what the program is) and I’ll just buy the jager bands? I don’t seem spending more money that I need to.

So does he have any wieght lifting in his program? or is it just the long toss, like the utube videos?

khut, what part of BC are you from?

There is no weight lifting involved at all. It is a series or arm circles and movements, then a band workout, followed by long toss, and then a brief band workout after throwing. You can also add in some running after throwing too to get the lactic acid out of your muscles.

I am in the Texas Rangers organization and they had someone from the Jaeger institute come and help us “re-vamp” our long toss program, and he was talking to us about cuff maintenance and it seems to me that its pretty much the standard stuff that every pitcher should be doing but he adds a few more reps and a little less rest.

I think that if you are doing rotator cuff work period it should help, I wouldn’t think there would be 1 program that would blow all the others away since there are only so many exercises that you can do with those small muscles. Just focus on bands or 3-5lb weights that you can get 15 reps in of each exercise. Here with the Rangers we do 8 different exercises combining both and its all I can do to get finished.

Hope this helps, and if you have any more questions please feel free to message me


if you guys wanna throw hard you need a flick of the wrist and a good fluid motion. dont try to muscle the ball in and overthrow it. i like to examplifie bobby parnell(reliever for the mets) this man throws 101 yet his motion looks like nothing. :smiley:

kenja, Im from the lower mainland. AAA Indians allum. Who do you play for? and what division? Maybe I played against you, haha

Haha, I don’t play triple AAA, I used to play in bc minor baseball but I switched to little league. I might go back to play AAA Midget next year for Coquitlam. But I play for New West.

Jaeger’s program is simple. The idea isn’t original or anything, he just organizes everything. The idea is to warm up properly (tubing and arm circles), then work your way out slowly, with loose arms, and keep backing up until you are at max distance. Then work your way in to 60 feet keeping the same intent on the ball as with your furthest throw.

Do this 4-5 times a week for 45 minutes.

Basically what Dominicans do, and would explain their rubber arms

The fuel behind all effective throwing programs is INTENT, period.
Jaeger’s also happens to include another effective component: instant feedback - the further your ball goes the more efficient that throw was. Great if you don’t own a radar gun.

so if you went to coquitlam you would play for my old team. Coquitlam-moody merges with Poco to make the tri city AAA team. I wondered where new west players play, because I dont think they really have an afflilite with BC minor, do they? Ive never played against new west anyways. what positions do you play? just pitch? Im still pretty close with the midget team, I graduated from them last year, so most of the guys on the team I played with, but they are short on pitching.

New West is little leauge. American rules. So they don’t play with BC Minor teams. New West plays with like Langley and like West Van. I played for South Burnaby for a while, thats where I started, and I play for Burnaby Minor for a couple seasons, then moved to New West. I play a lot of positions, not to brag, but I am good at every position, but if I had to pick my favourites, pitching, catching, 2B, and CF. I want to play in premier because of the wood bats, and how high the level of skill each team/player is. Maybe in 1 or 2 years, i’ll be on the Coquitlam Reds.

so your in grade 10 then? We use wood bats to, and we play in tourneys with the PBL. We had a couple of exibition games with the reds, and langley blaze, as well as the little league coquitlam A’s and Walley. How hard are you throwing?

I never clocked my self, but I am eager to find out. My team plays with the coquitlam a’s regularly.