Increase velocity in season?

Whats Up Everyone,
Hope all is going well and your all having successful seasons. I am a college pitcher who throws currenlty about 85-86. I have a good curve and a decent slider. I really want to throw harder because our conference tournament is coming up along with regionals in about a month. There are usaully alot of scouts there and I feel If I can add a few MPH this would really help me possibly get a few looks. I was throwing alittle bit harder in preseason. I just feel like I’m really not getting stronger as the season progresses. Just wondernig if anyone had any tips or things you’ve tried to keep velocity or increase it during your seasons. Take care, good luck,
and thanks again Fellas,

Do you have a video of yourself throwing?

In general, I’d focus on making sure that your hips are rotating as far ahead of your shoulders as possible (and that your shoulders stay closed as long as possible). That will stretch the muscles of your torso and help them powerfully pull your shoulders around.

I’d also work on strengthening the muscles that rotate your torso and trying to keep your front hip closed as long as possible (e.g. point your toe at the target at the last possible moment before your glove-side foot lands).

Yes I do have a video of me throwing? I will try the things you said tomarrow in my bullpen session. Thanks

I’d be glad to take a look at the video.

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I just wanted to say that your stuff is awesome! A buddy of mine played on the '02 Anahiem team and he turned myself and some other baseball lifers onto your site last year.

Simply stated your site has really turned a few heads in the Minneapolis Area in terms of approaches to teaching pitching and hitting.

I obvioulsy love the free information on your site but man I tell you what your insight to things is outstanding. No disrspected intended but baseball guys don’t normally listen to non baseball guys…hopefully you get my meaning.

Enough should be said that MLB teams are actually using you/hiring you or what have you because professionals never use non-professionals to do any thing for them in terms of teaching/coaching.

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