Increase stride length

Hey I’m looking to increase the length of my stride in my windup. It is currently about 60% of my height . Are there any drills or exercises to increase stride length?

basically practice on a mound with a little farther, then farther still, and keep on retaining timing and control, I’d think that’d be the only way?

what i did when i tried to lengthen my stride was to increase it incrementally like you said, making sure i was comfortable and throwing well, and i would mark off a line in the dirt and increase its distance, trying to land my play foot at the line every time

my stride 60% on flat ground so would it be longer off of a mound?

hmm, im not sure, logic would tell me that you would because your on a slope and as you stride your foot would land farther because of the drop in elevation.

To increase your stride, start your hips toward the plate sooner and faster while maintaining the same or higher knee lift. If your hips currently start forward at about the peak of your knee lift, then start them forward while the knee is still on the way up. You’ll have to force the leg to be quicker getting from the peak of the knee lift to foot plant.

My brother is 4’ 10" and he strides from the rubber to the center of his front foot, 4 ft. I assume this is about correct?

i would look to become statically flexible, to get a long stride you gonna need hip and groin flexibility

then you can do some range of motion shit too loosen up your core more