Increase In Velocity


Hi I’m a Left Handed sophmore (16), 6’1 160 and I’m right now throwing 72-74 mph. I talked to my coach yesterday asking what should I be throwing my senior year? and he saids 88… when he said this I’m like no way! In two years? What I’m really asking is if this is possible to happen in two years. If so what should I be doing in the weight room. And what are some suggested drills to do all the time to increase the velocity and improve mechanics.


It’s not out of the question to add 5mph a year based on normal growth - depending on how much growth you have left. If you were a early bloomer (you can already grow a full-on beard!) then you may have difficulty getting that extra 5mph a year. Adding an additional 14+ mph will be difficult, but also not impossible. You might take a look through some of the personal logs on this site and see what kind of weight training has worked for others in your same situation. Perhaps there is still some fine tuning you can do through mechanical adjustments as well. Good luck.


Based on your height and weight you should be able to throw 80+ right now. You likely have 5mph lost through mechanical deficits. A lefty who can command 85 with solid off speed can pitch in most college programs. I would suggest that 85+ is very achievable if you can improve your mechanics and build strength/speed.

Good luck,