Inconsitent release point

This is my first time posting on this board and I am looking for some advice on how help my 12 yr old son develop a more consistant release point. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

welcome :slight_smile:

consistent mechanics would be the best way to have a more consistent release point

Well I ran into this problem over the offseason. My release point was never the same when I threw. My instructor informed me that I was striding very closed (like Jered Weaver closed, not just a little closed) and that by doing this I would have lots of trouble keeping a release point consistent. Might be your sons problem.

I agree with Offset. What is it that causes you to think his release point is inconsistent? Release point is a function of the mechanics that get you there. Attempting to manipulate the release point in and of itself with something that’s happening so fast is an exercise in futility. Do you have video of him that you can post here?