Inconsitant arm angle

i know i still haven’t put up a vid but i will. anyway when i pitch i think i over throw the ball because when i take sumthin off i get more control and bring the ball down but it feels like i have to slow my self down to do this. but there are times when im throwing hard and i hit the zone a couple times in a row and then lose it and i dont kno why. i land in the same spot with my foot closed with the exception of maybe an inch of where i just landed the last pitch but i get two completely different results. i really do believe it is my arm angle changing sometimes it feels lower sometimes it feels higher and then sometimes its just perfect and those pitches feel great and usually are strikes but then i try to mimic that again and i just cant do it. I dont know what i should do if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it because im tryin very hard to be a starter on my schools varsity team this yr. and im going to need control of my fastball to do that. Ill try to get a vid up in the next couple of days…

Also I think it could be that I just don’t have a common release point but even if thats the case I have no idea on how to go about fixing that.

Practice might be able to solve this. If you practice more and more you should be able to get this desired release point that you need.

Sounds to me like you have a timing problem that causes you to open up early which pulls back and raises the release point. You’re probably doing something else to cause the timing problem (posture change, unstable glove, etc.). Really need to see some video!