Inconsistent Ump

For an Ump to call balls and strikes inconsistent is one thing, but has anyone ever had an ump tell your pitcher he was going to shrink the strike zone because he felt like your skill set was better than the opponets? Talking u-13 ball

yeah…thats BS. i would be pretty ticked if that happened

While I have not had an Ump actually say it I see it all the time. I assumed it was more subconcious than a concious decission.

Such as one kid is throwing BB’s compared to the other who struggles to get it over the plate.

The kid struggling just threw 5 balls in a row and the 6th is borderline, many blues in our league will give him the strike.

The kid throwing BB’s might not get that borderline call. Especially if he missed his spot- (catcher setup inside pitch is outside).

There are some umpires who would rather there be no strike zone at all. It was like that that in the old, old days when the pitcher had to throw underhand and had to tell the batter where he was going to throw it and then throw it so the batter could hit it a country mile. Might as well have no umps at all—and I know of at least one, a major league umpire yet, who’s like that and who is universally disliked by players, managers and even other umpires. If an umpire tells a pitcher he’s going to shrink the strike zone, not only is in flagrant violation of the rules but also he’s an insufferable S.O.B. who deserves a good swift kick in the gluteus maximus. If an umpire told me that I would just walk off the field and out of the ball park.
Give me a plate umpire who knows the rules and who calls them as he sees them, not as he wishes he saw them. :shock: :o

Haven’t had an ump say it, but I have seen it happen during a game. All you can do is say well it won’t the last time I get robbed this year…just the most recent!

In youth baseball it’s seem the norm for the kid who throws hard and for strikes to get the postage size strike zone and the kid who throws normal and all over the place to have an enlarged strike zone. Keeps the game more interesting. :roll:

Just as the skills of the players at that age are generally nowhere as refined as at higher levels, the same thing can be said for coaches, parents, and for sure umpires as well. IF an umpire said that to a player during the course of a game, of course it was an inappropriate thing to do, but that doesn’t mean he was doing it to cheat anyone.

The fact is, many umpires at lower levels, especially umpires with a lot of experience, do stretch the strike zone a bit when the pitchers skills are such that the entire game would be diminished if he didn’t. And to tell the truth, I wouldn’t want to watch many games at the 13U level or below if they didn’t! Look at the number of walks and HBPs with them stretching the zone! Try to imagine what would happen if the zone was called 100% correctly.

Look at it this way. At 13U, if you were playing on the 60/90 field, you’d be expected to have the same command and accuracy as HS, College, and professional pitchers! Good grief! Take a look at the command and accuracy of the average ML pitcher, and try to imagine what someone playing in a 13U environment would be like, and to make things worse, the 13U player would be throwing to players with considerably smaller strike zones.

So in the end, its pretty standard for umpires to call a different zone for different levels, but not usual to say so during a game.