Incoming 8th grader

Would like to get some feedback on any areas he needs to work on. Will be turning 14 soon, incoming 8th grader. Thanks

I am going into 8th grade as well, and I instantly noticed that (1, Your are barely striding at all! I mean that can be more than 3-4 feet stride, and (2, you aren’t staying closed all that much

The thing I picked up right away is that he is throwing across his body. He needs to get his landing foot to land just to the left of a line drawn from the toe of his pivot foot to the catcher. To appreciate the difference, place your
feet with the landing foot abut 4-6 inches to the right of the line described above. When you try to rotate the hips you will notice they seem to lock up.
Now do the same thing with the landing foot just to the left of that line.
You should notice that the hips open much easier. Personally I wouldn’t try and fix anything else until this is corrected because it tends to correct other
things like getting a longer stride.

Aware of the short stride & throwing across body, stride is around 4 feet. This is the first time I’ve filmed him in six months; from previous videos looks like he’s shortened stride to make it easier to throw striding to the right. I have my belief of the underlying cause & wanting to see what others think. My belief is pointing of the elbow of the glove arm towards the 3rd base side rather than at home plate carries him in this direction causing the short stride and throwing across the body. He has been effective & has good velocity but feel like this is an issue that needs attention. Please comment & let me know if I’m off base.

After taking a closer look at your video clips, I believe the root cause of your son’s problems is how he is taking the ball out of the glove. What he is doing is taking the ball back behind him and parallel to the rubber.
Then he has to throw by looping the arm around in an effort to get his
delivery on plane to the plate. This type of delivery causes his shoulders to rotate to the right and the hips follow causing him to end up throwing across his body. Have him try to take the ball out of his glove more in
front with the fingers on top of the ball in a down, back, and up motion (or straight back). As he brings the ball up he should be showing it to the 3rd baseman. The result will be throwing to the catcher more on a direct path.

Guess what I’m wondering is if this is an upper or lower body issue. If you freeze at 1:59 or any other similar time in video you will see the stride and for that matter everything going to the third base side of the plate. I believe this not only causes throwing across body but the back leaning posture, short stride and the head tilt as he is going wrong direction while trying to look back to the plate. Hand break timing sounds good but also wondering if working on getting hips toward plate sooner might solve.

He is very passive on his front side, it can be attributted to his arm angle. The guy instructing him is showing a short stride also.
Try to see what happens when he gets that front side arm out, thumb done and as he rotates turn it thumb up and bring the chest to the glove, right now he’s just pulling it back like a broken wing…very hard to control the front side that way.

Here’s what I see. He is staying too closed off from knee lift through his stride and landing. While staying closed isn’t a bad thing, at some point the hips need to open followed by the shoulders creating hip/shoulder separation.

IMO, he is staying closed so long through his stride and landing that his hips don’t open until his shoulders starts roatating, creating late rotation. I see this as the reason for his shortened stride and big tilt in his upper torso and head. It appears more of a compensation to being so closed off and needing to rush to open the shoulders for delivery.

It is correct the instructor teaches a shorter stride. Spoke with him prior to session this morning and showed still shot of direction. He worked with him today on opening the hips earlier. It helped along with with getting his foot flush with pitching rubber that I noticed he had angled in the same direction he was striding. He looked like he got around easier in the direction of the plate & his stride length increased to about 55 inches which is about 82% of his height. Still notice he tilts backwards just before release. Video I took was after a few weeks off but feel sure he was doing this during season. I’m going to ask instructor about the front side passiveness and glove issues. Will get some more video and post in two or three weeks and see if it’s looking better. Appreciate everyone’s input. Issues haven’t really caused a problem, had a really good season but want to correct before he gets to High School.