In the dirt

In my last outing I kept throwing most of my pitches in the dirt, I’ve practised a little bt I can’t help doing it, is thereany mechanical help that can be given that can keep the ball out of the dirt?

I’m starting to worry that I’m losing it all, and its not a good felling I’m getting

Stop that!

One bad outing ain’t nuthin but 1 bad outing. Whup-de-do square yourself up and get back out there and kick butt.

It could be as simple as a bad mound or timing, was it all of your pitches? if so timing is likely the issue, or aiming instead of letting your body flow to the target…heck man it could be many very fixable things…I always suggest just backing up a little and going through some fundementals and relaxing. If you put those negative thoughts in your mind you may start to succumb to them, I say banish them, get a little swagger back in your step and forget about it.

And don’t come on here with that baloney anymore…the sissies only site is three doors down and full of wimps who bed wet themselves :wink:

Listen to your self fella!

jd gives you good advice, my friend.

thanks man

I’ll practice more and more it could’ve been the mound, they added extra dirt onto the mound.

t be honest I think you have a point, I do kinda try aiming theall in stead of eploding towards the plate

and that other site you talked about sounds good, Ineed help with the bed wetting :frowning:

just for the record I was kidding about that last bit lol

This site is a no bed wetter zone!!! :smiley:

I bet you take a whole bunch of time between pitches…get the ball, pick up the sign and deliver it. Let your body flow to the target and just do it all over again.

In America, Scotty…we call that TOO MUCH INFORMATION (TMI)!

We don’t care to hear much about sheep either…baaaaa d form ya know. :disbelief:

lol ok I’ll keep that in mind for next time

and dont worry I’m not into sheep :shock: thats more of a northern thing :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the things that can contribute to pitches in the dirt is the location of your backstop. If he’s too far back … or if his glove (your target) is like in the picture below … you could be forcing yourself to bounce-em off the dirt.

JD gave you sound advice… but if your looking at your catcher and he’s dong this to you … this might also contribute to the problem.

A is where a catcher should be, but he might be in B … which forces Blue to be in C. Also, if the plate umpire is that far back … getting a good call on ball’s and strikes can be a problem.

Coach B.

Make your stride a bit shorter but not to much or it will be harder to control

I’ll try all of these things

thanks for the input