How do I stay strong during the season? I’m 16 by the way, and I have alot of experience lifting weights.

Go light in season. All you want to do is prevent muscle loss from the day in, day out grind of the season. I dont know what your in season schedule looks like, but if you can fit in 2-3 fullbody sessions a week, that should be enough. I’d go with something like 3 sets of 8, and choose a weight that wont fatigue the muscles (leave some reps “in the tank”). 5 or 6 exercises should be enough for each workout.

Wouldn’t it be better to go with heavy weights inseason to maintain strength? Something in the 5 rep range performed twice a week utlizing a full body routine. The goal here is to maintain strength during the inseason.

Heavy on legs, light on shoulders.

Day after pitching: perform full body workout if possible

Then follow that up with another workout 4-5 days later if possible.
I’m not sure what your schedule is like.

Even performing a sprinting workout during the week should aid in your recovery, but imo, I would perform the sprinting workout after I’ve pitched, and then perform my full body workout the next day…

Heavier weight is supposed to tax the central nervous system more, and I figured that with daily practices and games that would not work out too well. I guess you could try going with extremely low reps and only a 3-4 exercises if you want to go heavy (90% 1RM).

The main thing I have seen complaints about is that people tend to lose muscle mass over the course of the season (and a corresponding decrease in strength). The main thing is to avoid the muscle loss in the first place. Eat constantly, get plenty of sleep, and do just enough exercise to keep your muscles in a “grow and regenerate” mode.

One thing you also need to be careful with when using the heavy weights would be the soreness, like DOMS and the like. When you are in-season, being extremely sore could be a major problem. DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) can leave you extremely tight for up to 5 days after a workout is over. Normally you get this after going with heavy weights, or a high amount of reps.

So, while I normally would suggest heavy weights, low reps for athletes, there is just not enough benefit to outweigh the problems of lifting that way in-season. You should already be at the peak of your strength when the season begins. In-season lifting is just designed to maintain that strength.

from what i know, your supposed to get stronger in the offseason, and just maintain strength during the season. you dont wanna be sore from pushing yourself past your limits in the wieght room and then you wont be able to perform to the most of your abilities during the game