In-Season Workouts

Believe it or not my son’s HS season kicks off tomorrow with a three week “camp”, followed by tryouts and then the regular season. He has been working very hard on his conditioning, as well as long tossing and throwing bullpens.

I’m looking for ideas on how much conditioning he can do early, mid and late season. He is a position player as well as a pitcher. I’d expect him to be used as a starting pitcher. Is it realistic to expect him to be able to continue his rotator cuff exercises 3-4 times a week, lift whole body a couple times a week, work abdominals and forearms 3 or 4 times a week and do a couple of days of agility work while playing 6 days a week?

He demonstrated he can handle his academic requirements while spending a lot of time on athletics during football season. Thanks in advance for your ideas. :smiley:

its realistic and should be done. colleges do it. but as a high school coach playing 6 days a week its hard to do consistantly.
we do a good job with our arm care excercises(rotator cuff). we do those every day we throw inseason or not. we get in at least 2 days weightroom inseason which includes abs.
the agilities is what we neglect inseason and we shouldnt.