In season workouts

Im a college pitcher and I put my work in during the winter. I’m throwing 85-86 topping out at 88, I want to keep my strength so I can keep gaining velocity but I know I can’t be doing the same workouts I was doing in the winter. What can I do in season that will maintain/increase my strength without compromising my flexibility?

Doesn’t your college have a program in place?

Its pretty much basic band work and miles of running. I’m talking about exercise I can still do to increase performance.

I really think medicine ball work should be mandatory for pitchers year round, but especially in-season. Very few other exercises can duplicate the explosiveness of med ball exercises and you can do it on your own or with a partner, depending on your situation, which I found very beneficial.

KyleB, Lanky, and others may have some more specific suggestions, too…

we do total body lifts 2-3 times a week in season just to maintain strength. Moderate weight but we usually don’t push super heavy weights unless we have an off day the next day or something like that.

Also I agree with steven about medball training…

Personally I do the exact same workout I did this off-season, but just less frequent.

This is a pretty tricky subject depending on your workload, your role on the team, your training status, and what you’re already doing. Not something we can answer without a lot more detail, and even then, it’s tough to figure out.

Ok. Role on the team: im 3rd in rotation so i’m starting 1 out of every 5 games and we play on average 7-8 games a week. I run 2-5 miles 4-5 days out of the week and do band work and a throwers 10 program 3-4 times a week. Getting ready for the season I was working out legs (jumps, lunges, and different variations of squats) back (reverse pushups, lat pull downs) core (leg raised sit-ups, plank holds, crunches and some med ball tosses) arms( minimal bicep work, dips, skull crushers, kick backs, wrist rollers, and push-ups) and then a few other exercises I can’t remember the name of. So far for in season I’ve been doing about half those exercises with less wait only about 1 to 2 times a week. An just for the hell of it, I’m 6’1 200lbs 18 years old

Check out Eric Cressey’s blog. He had a 4 part series about this subject last week.

I do bands, my dumb bell stuff, lots push ups, lots of sit ups and lots of running. Cant forget long toss either.