In season workout

All i do the day after i pitch is run, then the next day i long toss, the next day i throw a light bullpen working on location, then the day after that i might throw a game but if i dont i do light long toss. i would like to incorporate an inseason workout including (bands, pushups, and running). When should i do this according to my schedule?

lift heavy the night of your start after you throw. If that is not possible then lift the day after your start. You’ll get in a lift every 4-5 days this way which should be enough to maintain your strength in season if you are eating enough (hint, most players aren’t).

In season it can get dicey but basically any time you know you wont be pitching for the next day or two you should be getting a lift in. Last season I lost 14 lbs over the course of the season because I didn’t lift in season or eat enough. This season I have only lost a couple lbs because we lift a coule times a week and I make an effort to take in enough calories.