In-season weights

Im 17, play a good/great standard of baseball, should i do weight during the inseason?

The short answer is Yes.

But, the bulk of your pitcher-specific strength training and conditioning should take place in the off-season. The focus of any in-season workouts should be on simply maintaining that strength you’ve developed during the off-season. Therefore, workloads should be significantly reduced, but not eliminated altogether.

Off topic, what are some good ones for now, now that the season is over and I want to keep everything up.

should i switch weights for theraband?
what are some good conditioning programs for baseball?
what are some good weights programs for in, off pre season, ? but mainly inseason?
how often should i pen/ longtoss?

Thanks Stevo

hey do you guys think explosive reverse push ups will be helpful in increasing fastball velocity. its basically jail house pushups or reverse push ups but u do them explosively like push up clap push up