In season weight training for pitchers?


I have been weight training in the offseason 4 days a week. Plus I play Hockey which serves as my conditioning work.

Any ideas on an in season program for HS. Should I continue weight lifting or back off during the season???

Yes, you should definitely tone down the weightlifting during the season especially if you’re a pitcher. Being sore could impact your ability to perform on game day and in practice. You shouldn’t stop strength training altogether, but you need to develop a routine structured around your game days. Steve Ellis’ TUFFCUFF manual
has a great in-season strength training routine, you should check it out if you’re really interested.

As a college pitcher, we lifted in season but only a couple days a week. It was generally just strength maintenance. As pitchers we wouldn’t do any straight bar lifts, and would do very limited over the head lifts. I think we did maybe 1 overhead lift a week. But the training we did, again, was just to maintain strength.

Our College/Pro guys are lifting 1-2 times per week just to maintain strength (ideally). They do a lot more corrective exercises, though.

HS kids depends on their age and skill level. Obviously any 17 year old throwing 88-90 isn’t going to be lifting heavy in-season, but the 16 year old throwing 72 can. It’s all about adaptation and risk/reward.

Ron Wolforth has an Athletic Pitcher workout that is pretty good for year round use.

There is one for sale, cheap, on Ebay.