In Season Training


How can I train to throw harder during the season? It is March now and I throw almost 80 and i need 84 by August how can I do this even though its in season?


Most people have mechanical flaws that leave 3-5 mph available. If you identify and fix the biggest ones plus add some strength and balance drills to your routine; reduce the number of pitches thrown in bullpens but add some hard work on strengthening the rotator cuff muscles and other decelerator muscles on those bullpen days, you can get you 1-2 mph in a few months time. 2-4 mph increase, if focused, can happen in season. Get some strength work in between outings when you know you will have down time.


Most pitchers generally gain a few mph as the season progresses – warmer temps, better conditioned arm, competitive environment leads to a more focused effort on intent, etc. The key is to get those bullpens in, long toss once or twice per week, keep doing your rotator cuff exercises, try to do a full-body workout twice per week. And most importantly, get 8 hours of sleep, eat healthy, drink 64+ oz of water per day, and stretch. I prefer Active Isolated Stretching.