In-Season Throwing Program

My high school schedule is semi complete, but if they pattern that they have on the semi completed schedule stays true for the rest of the schedule, we should play around 3 games a week. Except for one week where we play six! :o

After reading the posts from my last topic on this thread, I’m looking for anyone’s imput on a good throwing program for the spring season.

I was thinking of doing 2 days of weighted ball/Jager long toss outside of games and 1 day of just long toss(possibly the day after a start, and it would just be light long toss). That would add up to 6 days of throwing a week. I won’t be throwing more than six times a week.

I like the post on my other topic about Trevor Bauers inseason program. But it would be hard to stick to that because my pitching schedule is not a consistent enough to use it.

I figure that I should be able to throw long toss as my warm up during my games during the week. I’m not sure how much they will want to have us throw at practices in-between games, but I imagine if it’s warm then we will long toss. If that is the case, then I think that I could throw my weighted balls after practice.

I normally use the weighted ball program found on this website, but I will adjust if I am also doing long loss. I think after long tossing, I could do 10 with each ball.

I’m just throwing out some ideas now. I’m not sure how much my arm will be able to handle or how much time I will have. It will all depend on my schedule and the weather. I really want to strengthen up my arm, so I can be consistently in the low 80’s at least. I think I can probably get there with improved mechanics, so hopefully with stregthening my arm I can throw above that.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks! :smiley:

They main reason I would be careful with being too agressive in season is if your arm does get tired or sore your going to miss time in season. Im still not sure about the weighted ball thing in season, hopefully other weigh in with opinions on that. Most pro and college guys longtoss or throw in season. A lot of high school guys only throw when warming up (not enough even for a true warm up) and maybe a 30 pitch bullpen during the week. I appriciate your excited for the season to get going. I think if your already throwing on a regular basic I would keep up that schedule and if you want to introduce other things do it slowly and in a conservative sort of way. Jumping into practice 4 days, games 3 days, longtoss and weighted ball throwing…sounds like a tired arm waiting to happen to me.

I think it really depends how much we have to throw during practices. That will probably be the biggest determining factor.

I want to be careful and mindful of my arm because I went from 79-82 at high school tryouts to 75 in the fall. I don’t believe that I threw too much. I believe I lifted too hard and too much. I consistently lifted 3x a week. And I took iboprofin a lot, so that probably didn’t allow me to feel my arm and to rest it when I needed.

I don’t think I will be able to complete my potential program every week becaues I don’t my arm will feel great every week. But I think that it is more of my max throwing in any week, regardless of how my arm feels.

I know this may sound bad, but I’m not too concerend about my high school season. I’m kind of treating it like my ‘spring training’ to summer ball. That will be more important because the competition will be higher, I’ll pitch more, and it is what will lead into college.

That is a lot of throwing, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but how much do you throw now? You might need to condition yourself to be able to get up to throwing that much, so at first you might not ne able to throw all that within a week.

Throwing is something that is going to be different for everyone. You might be conditioned enough to handle that whereas someone else might not be and their arm will get tired.

The biggest thing is listen to your body and your arm, it will tell you when you’re doing too much. The hard part to this of course is the listening part. Be smart and don’t do anything dumb if your body is telling you its tired or sore then shut it down before you do damage to yourself.

Since College is your goal in the fall remember what would you rather be out a couple weeks in the spring or a couple months while you’re in College?

The other thing that makes it hard for you like you say is the fact that you’re not in a set rotation so mapping out a season of throwing can be difficult since you could wind up pitching on a day that you’re not expecting.

Wales makes some good points. I’m all for throwing a lot, but you might be needed on random days in HS if your coach isn’t very well organized (which most aren’t).

I would probably cut back on the weighted balls. We don’t do a whole lot of that work in-season, because the stress is pretty high and it tends to alter the mechanics of the pitcher.

In the season, you’re a pitcher, so you need to work on pitching. In the off-season, you can work on throwing. That’s how I see it.[/quote]

Good points.

I think that I will still do the weighted balls, but not every week. I will use them just every once in a while when it’s too crappy outside too go long toss.

I guess it all depends on the weather is this spring. I guess how much it rains will dictate how much I use them. So hopefully there will be good weather and I won’t need to use them.

Weighted balls are a no no during the season. If you want to stress your arm and not be able to help your team, you will throw the weighted balls. I do the Jaegar throwing program everyday. The great thing about the Jaegar throwing program is that it is not based on throws or distance, but on how your arm feels that day.

That is overstating it. He is capable of throwing 4 and 6 oz balls to “how he feels that day” which is no different than throwing a 5 oz ball to tolerance, if that’s your argument.

I was thinking the heavier weighted balls, I have no issue with the 4 & 6 oz balls, as long as they are used properly

That’s all that I would be using.

I would never go above that, especially in-season.

When I did the underweight/overweight training with the 4,5,&6 oz balls in high school we did them 3 times a week in the off season and once a week during the season. Our coach was a very respected Division 1 college pitching coach for 7 years before coming to my high school for my senior year. We also used the Vanderbilt throwing program everyday which worked very well. PM me if you would like the program


You have a PM