In-Season Strength Training for Pitchers

My thoughts on the issue - anyone care to share their input? This could be a valuable thread for a lot of younger guys given how the season is right around the corner!

In the summers all I do is close, and often times I don’t know when I am going to be throwing. The higher the volume, the worse I feel. Sticking with high weight, low reps just to maintain is very important. I unfortunately haven’t been given the option in the past to stay away from back squats, bb bench presses, etc. Towards the end of the season I will tell you that loading around 300 lbs on your back and squatting it in a prone external rotation position doesn’t feel great on your pitching arm.

take control of your arm, body and career! If someone tells you to back squat, say it feels crappy on your arm and front squat instead. Some coaches are less flexible than others, but you have to try!

Awesome post, really cleared things up for me!