In need of week training programme

Hey guys i live in the UK and over the past 4-5 years have fallen in love with the game and pitching i have been training hard but coaches in the uk generally suck…

I really need help with a solid training programme as i am reluctant to believe anything british coaches say (as bad as that sounds they really dont know what they are talking about i say this as a brit). When i say training programme i mean i need a set weekly routine i should do to reach my highest potential im willing to put as many hours needed in.

Im 16 and around 5’8-9 i max out at around 72mph (again assuming our radar gun is accurate) and have a fairly good cureveball and working on a changeup. I struggle with consistency and control a lot for example in the space of 3 weeks i went from throwing a 2 walk no hitter to being taking out in the 2nd inning coz i couldnt find the zone. Anyway i would really appreciate any help. Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile: