Hi my name is Joe, for my fall season I’ve pitched nearly 10 more innings than the next guy and thrown 150 more pitches, I’ve done great with a 0.8 era. I’ve honestly had a great year and recently after a 6 inning start my soreness had gone away but I’ve had a dull ache in my arm for the last few days, I’ve worried my ucl is torn but I can still throw fine without any problems. Pain never really runs down my arm just aches.when I close my fist my forearm just seems really tight, I’ve been throwing curves, ect. And no problems, the pain is more on the bottom of my forearm than the inside of my arm. I’m scheduled to start tomorrow and I doubt i will. I have important college workouts coming up in the next few weeks and I need to be healthy, what’s the diagnosis, next step? Like I said it’s very weird because there is no pain when I throw just if I’m sitting around or during school. I’ve been getting Stim on the areas that hurt (my forearm and bicep) even if I did tear my ucl could I be able to throw? How hard? I’m tearing back pretty well so it’s not hurting me. Thanks, Joe.


Are you playing college ball? At the very least go visit the trainer. A visit to a sports orthopedic would be a wise decision. Could be something as minor as a case of mild tendonitis and a week or two off to cure. On the other hand much better to know and take the right course of action. No need to push it especially in the fall


Well said.