In need of a workout for legs and core

I have a sprained UCL so I can’t do any upper body lifting. But I don’t want to completly fall behind becuase I have an injury. Does anyone have a workout that I can follow for lower body and core?

Box Squat
BB Lunge
BB Step-Ups
Leg Press

It’s pretty simple really.

hanging left lifts
swiss ball crunches
med ball wood chops
med ball slams
rotational work
and so on…

Most people find that they can eliminate all isolating core work once they start hitting squats hard. I don’t know about you but when I rep out some squats at a tough weight, my core is feeling it the next day.

Here is a beginner workout that I put together that focuses mainly on legs and core. It involves the Olympic lifts so use the instructional videos at the body to make sure you are performing the lifts correctly.