In miami

Im in miami having a blast!

I’m convinced, miami is def the school i want to go to school at and play at…
no matter what…

The place is awesome thats for sure. I’m jealous

I feel your jealousy :smiley:

How’s that camp going? Good talent?

The camp doesn’t start till saturday

So is it really cold in Florida right now? Or is it just cold for the local people in Florida? I can remember taking a trip to Cocoa Beach a couple years ago and running around in short sleeves and swimming in the ocean while all the local people looked at me like I was crazy. I was living in the Uinta Mountains at the time which was about 8200 ft and we had just gone through a week of -30. You can’t beat the beach and warm weather in my opinion.

S. Fla.never gets below 30…we had freezing mornings for a week (I had my pipes freeze once and actual ice on my ponds…pita fer sure dude!). I will say though…having grown up in the Chicago area…our cold down here will still “feel” real cold because its so humid…but compared to elsewhere??? Ha! Freeze you peons :wink: 8) …don’t get too much salt or cinders on the rusted beater you drive :shock: bwahhhahaha!!
Man that felt great…

It wasn’t that cold…Its good weather for me since I am from california, today it got a little hot at over 80 degrees

Best of luck today. I enjoy your posts. Please let us know how it went. I have a son who is a Freshman in High School and he will be attending his first College Prospect Camp in a few weeks. He’s nervous, of course, but I told him to relax and enjoy. He’ll be interested in your thoughts.