In case you missed it E:60 Bryce Harper & E:60 David Pri

E:60 Bryce Harper

E:60 David Price

Just remember, they are never as good as they seam. Yea these kids can rock highschool kids, but it is completely different as they play against other people who play the game for a living.

David Price made a seemingly easy transition to MLB ball.

I was going to say the same thing, as for Bryce only time will tell if he’s one of those guys who will dominate the HS ranks but not produce in the big leagues… David Price has definitely proven his worth and that he can get the job done…I believe it was his first year in the league where he was put into tough playoff games and did quite well.

David Price pitched at Vanderbilt for 3 years

What’s your point?

Price made his major league debut the same year he made his made his pro debut. That alone is impressive. He flew from advanced A ball to AA dominating with a sub 2 ERA. He was then called up to Tampa Bay and had a 1.93 ERA in 14 innings after only 4 starts in AAA. Not to mention he allowed only 1 earned run (while striking out 8) in 5.2 combined innings between the LCS and World Series.

That’s phenomenal. The hype was well-warranted apparently, no?

Just an update for those who havent been following, Harper is batting well over .400 on his Junior college team, which is one of the top programs in the nation, with a wood bat. Hes already broken the team HR record with 15, and is also playing solid defense at Catcher, and in the OF

Can’t wait to see his transition to pro ball

Mariano’s gonna be on E:60 on Tuesday night at 7!!!

interesting must watch it