In Between Starts Workouts

Can someone give me an idea of what a week would look like for a 13 year old pitcher?

Let’s say he pitches 3 innings (50 pitches) on Sunday and 3 innings (50 pitches) on Wednesday.

What should he be doing on Mon/Tue and Thur/Fri/Sat?

At 13 years old i dont know how much running and working out he will need to do so my only advice is to just let him keep playing ball and long tossing and if his arm is ok maybe a bullpen type thing. Obviously its not going to be a bullpen like the pros but just an easy session where someone sits on a bucket and catches him and makes sure his windup stays the same. You may want to look into some theratubing or theraband excerscises i know there are some on this site. I think those would be the best things for him to do unless he decides he likes to run and lift then there are some people on this site who probably have some good insight on excersices for him to do.

Here is what I usually do with my 13yr old.

Pitch a game on saturday. About 50-65 pitches.

Next Day - either jog or ride a bike for twenty minutes and depending on how he is feeling he will go throw after that. When I say throw I mean catch. Not long toss we just catch. Jaeger Bands. If he pitched about 5 or 6 innings he rests the next day depending on pitch count and how he feels. I have seen him pitch a complete game no hit 7 inning game. Come to me after a game and says he can go another inning.

2nd day throw and maybe some long toss/jaeger bands as well.

3rd day jog or bike and rest and if he feels up to it get to a mound and throw not many pitches.

4th day Jaeger Bands and some catch. Before he pitches a game he always stretches/tubing/ warm up and bullpen.

After every game he either jogs or gets on a stationary bike for 20 min. He has never iced and he has a rubber arm. Throws often and feels like he can go another few innings after games.

The key to me is throwing the baseball. Throwing many fastballs in BP and changeups during throwing sessions. I feel kids do not throw the ball often and younger kids throw too many trick pitches straying away from throwing hard and trying to trick batters. Before you know it kids are wearing sleeves on there elbows and cannot go more than two innings before getting pulled.

Location first and velocity second. PM me if you’d like a good off season program for throwing.

Good luck! :wink: