In a little pitching slump. help!

well i lost my cutter which was my best out pitch and my fb isn’t locating as well as it usually does. what could i be doing wrong?

What usually happens in these instances is that the pitcher has lost his “feel” for one or another breaking pitch. It happens sometimes—I’ve seen it in the major leagues, for example. The cutter, by the way, is a variation of the fast ball—think Mariano Rivera— and while I wouldn’t suggest backing off for a while, I might suggest that you try a different grip. You might try a grip similar to what one uses for the slider—index and middle fingers very close together, more offcenter, the middle finger just touching one seam—and throw it list like a fast ball. Or you might try a sinker—this is your usual two-seam fast ball, and if you’re not using it now you could give it a try. The important thing is to get the ball down in the zone.
and don’t worry about it. Often the cutter will come back just as quickly as it left. 8)