Improving your grips

alright sounds weird, but i could never throw a 4 seamer and i would just rely on my 2 seamer which i hit the low 80’s with. But i got bored and grabbed a soft ball with raised seams and was stretching my fingers out on the ball in the four seam grip then aafter doing that a few minutes a day i grabbed a baseball and had the most comfortable grip with the four seam and i was hitting 85-88 on my fastballs, then i did it again with my other pitches and now the ball feels comfortable in my hands all the time when i pitch.
I dont know if thats just me or what but thought i’d share that with you fellows.

I’ve never heard of this technique before, but if its working for you, keep doing it, don’t stop. For some, this might cause problems, for others like yourself, it may have benefits. I suggest you do whatever feels comfortable no matter how weird it sounds.

When warming up to pitch, one of our pitchers plays catch with a softball before he starts throwing the baseball. I never really gave it much thought though.

I remember once in little league I warmed up with a softball and then the regular baseball felt great in my hands… I never did it again… but since you brought it up, I’m gonna try it again…

I remember one pitcher a while ago I think he was a yankee reliver but not sure, anyways he used to warm up with a fastpitch softball then a slow pitch softball and finally a real baseball